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SEO Audit of RA Electrical Sheffield Website

Following with our theme of Sheffield based businesses, today we’re analysing the website of R A Electrical Sheffield (, to analyse how it is performing in the Google search engine.

RA Electrical not mobile friendly

Old Style Website Not Mobile Friendly

Simply put this website was designed quite a few years ago, and as a result has all of the classic signs of being outdated.

This combined with the fact that it’s not mobile friendly (doesn’t work correctly when viewed on a mobile device) means that Google is severely penalising this website. Google switched to focusing on mobile users recently as they make up a large percentage of the local searches performed, and so it’s one of the most essential changes to make to improve your SEO.

This website should be upgraded to a platform like WordPress, with a theme that’s responsive and works well on mobile.

 Missing Basic On Page SEO Features

This website has many technical problems that could be affecting their SEO. These include:

  • Homepage and index.php are accessible with no canonical.
  • Duplicate meta descriptions on every page.
  • They’re using meta keywords, and they’re repeated on each page.

These when fixed could drastically improve their rankings for keywords around electricians.

They also only have 5 pages on the entire website, which is far too many to compete in high volume searches. I would recommend they write more content around their subject to increase their authority within Google. Markup for Electrician

One of the most important elements in local search is adding your markup, which tells Google all the details about your business and location. There is a specific language that should be added for an electrician (see here), which is one of the first things I would recommend for this business.

The website currently ranks on page 3 for “electrician sheffield”, but could be performing so much better with their website SEO fixed and a targeted link building campaign.

Matt Jackson

SEO Expert at SEO Scientists
I'm a digital marketing expert living in Sheffield, specialising in local and e-commerce SEO.

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