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SEO Audit of Ward’s Nurseries and Garden Centre LTD in Dronfield

Here we will analyse the performance of the website for Ward’s Nurseries and Garden Centre LTD (, for keywords related to “garden centre in Sheffield” and identify areas where it could improve.

Outdated Website

The website is using very outdated layouts and code which not only put off Google, they make visitors want to leave too. This increase in “bounce rate” will cause their rankings to drop as a result.

There are clear problems with their basic SEO too, with no H1 tags across the entire site, and 20 duplicate meta descriptions, which could cause them to be penalised by Google.

They also haven’t optimised the homepage information for their target keywords around “garden centre” and “Sheffield”, which is the most important step to take when optimising a website.

Website Not Mobile Friendly

While the website does adjust to the size of the screen, Google sees many things wrong with the website on a mobile device, including the text being too close together, and the links being too close for someone to tap them accurately.

With the big shift of focus for Google onto mobile results, this is critically important to fix asap.

Missing JSON LD Structured Data for Garden Store

The website code doesn’t have any reference to, which is a semantic markup that helps Google to understand what the website is about. There is actually a specific language to use for a Garden Centre, and it’s called “Garden Store” (more info here), which they should add as it can improve their rankings for local searches.

Ward’s website currently ranks for no relevant keywords around “garden centre Sheffield” simply because it isn’t optimised for it. If they did even part of this audit findings work they would see a noticeable increase in rankings.

Matt Jackson

SEO Expert at SEO Scientists
I'm a digital marketing expert living in Sheffield, specialising in local and e-commerce SEO.

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