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SEO Audit of NPD Light Haulage Rotherham Website

This series of posts aims to audit business websites located in South Yorkshire, finding websites that with a bit of effort could quickly improve their Google rankings. This post will be focusing on NPD Light Haulage based in Rotherham (, which are currently located on page 2 for the phrase “road haulage rotherham”.

Poorly Optimised Homepage

The website is built using a free platform by “Weebly”, which may be limiting what they can do, however at the very least they can optimise their homepage better. They currently don’t have the main keyword in their page title, which could drastically improve their rankings as it is one of the main influencing factors. Their meta description is also only short, and contains none of the target keywords that would improve the rankings of this page.

The Google snippet for NPD Light Haulage Rotherham

They also should create a H1 tag in the page content which contains their main keyword. Another great thing to do would be to add some useful relevant content onto the page, roughly 500 words in length.

Sitewide Thin Pages

Across their website there is a distinct lack of content on the pages. Not only that, these pages are also missing key meta information that could lead to a Panda penalty within the Google search algorithm. They should work on improving the amount of content, adding the missing info, and noindexing pages that cannot be changed easily.

This would perhaps be more easily achieved if they converted their free weebly website into a custom WordPress one.

Link Building – Local and Niche Specific

Although the domain has a large number of inbound links, they are mainly from their sponsorship of a Rotherham based football team. They should look to create industry relevant links in the general haulage and motoring industry, whilst also getting listed in UK based directories for their relevant area and speciality.

The website currently ranks in position #11 for “road haulage rotherham” in, and if they implemented these changes I could easily see them moving into the top 4 positions on page 1.

Matt Jackson

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I'm a digital marketing expert living in Sheffield, specialising in local and e-commerce SEO.

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