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SEO Audit of M & M Heating and Plumbing Sheffield Website

In this series we’re analysing Sheffield based businesses SEO, to analyse quick wins for websites that are currently on page 2 or lower in Google. This post will be looking at M & M Heating and Plumbing, located at, which are currently located on page 2 for the “Plumber Sheffield” keyword.

Missing Basic Information

The website currently has no H1 tags, on any of it’s 8 pages. This is one of the most important ranking factors within Google, and should be the first thing addressed.

Their website is also missing 8 out of 9 meta descriptions, which should be inserted at the new length after the recent Google update to display 3 lines of text per result.

They are also still using meta keywords on their homepage, an indicator of spam for Google that can harm the rankings.

M & M Heating and Plumbing

Keyword Stuffing & Old Fashioned Website

There are many instances of keywords being inserted in very small text in an attempt to try and game the algorithm. Unfortunately this is an old tactic that no longer works, and can leave the website open to an over optimisation penalty. These should be removed and replaced with useful content that the user will find beneficial.

The website is also very old fashioned, and could do with an upgrade, perhaps changing to WordPress with a more professional theme, with a responsive template that works great on mobile and tablet too. Markup for Local Plumber

They will also benefit from adding markup for the Plumber category, which will help to show the Google robot the type of website it is, as well as its associated properties around the web. Adding this alone can significantly increase your rankings.

The website currently ranks in position #16 for “plumber Sheffield” in, and with these changes I would expect it to move up to the top of page 2. This could then be moved onto page 1 with a local link building campaign.

Matt Jackson

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