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SEO Audit of Kitchen Experts Sheffield Website

In this series we’re looking at Sheffield based websites, to determine how they could improve their websites rankings within Google. This post will be looking at Kitchen Experts Sheffield, located at, ranking on page 4 for “kitchen company Sheffield”.

Outdated Website – Missing Key Elements

There are plenty of things wrong with this website, but one of the key ones is the lack of imagery with a very dark looking site that seems like it may have been built a number of years ago. It’s definitely not standing up against its more professional competitors from a visual perspective.

The site is also missing key SEO information, such as H1 headers on pages, which are a key ranking factor that Google looks for. They could also use some more keyword insertion into their Page Title and Meta Description, using synonyms and other related service keywords such as “kitchen company”.

No Markup or Social Links

In local searches such as this, markup is essential for your Google rankings, and can be the difference between page 1 and page 2-3. In this case they should use the local business markup, including information like their address, phone number, and website.

There is also a distinct lack of social proof and social media links on the website, which could put people off visiting. They are clearly active as their Google My Business page has been updated recently, and so they should display these sorts of updates on their website.

Not mobile friendly

Not Mobile Friendly

The shift to mobile devices, particularly for local search terms, has been drastic over the last few years, which has led Google to heavily penalise websites that aren’t usable on mobile. This website clearly fails their own test, which could be one of the reasons it is ranking so poorly.

After a complete website redesign and optimisation, alongside some citations and link building, this website could definitely be ranking on page 1 for kitchen related terms in Sheffield.

Matt Jackson

SEO Expert at SEO Scientists
I'm a digital marketing expert living in Sheffield, specialising in local and e-commerce SEO.

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