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SEO Audit of A6 Print a Company in Manchester

In this audit we will look at the website for a Manchester based printing company called A6 Print ( to see how they could improve their Google rankings for terms around printing in Manchester.

Old Design and URL Issues

The website doesn’t look great, it seems to be built on an old templated CMS that has many outdated features in modern browsers. The menu items are a little buggy, the fonts are blurry, and the general usability isn’t very smooth. This will increase the website bounce rate and cause them to rank lower in the search engines than they could with a better site.

Added to that they have an automatic homepage redirect to /home/ which isn’t canonicalised, causing duplicate content issues.

They are also missing basic on page information such as H1 headers on the homepage, which could be optimised for their target keyword to increase their rankings.

Mobile Unfriendly Website

For a company that actually offers website design services, and even talks about the Google “mobilegeddon” on their sales page, they’ve committed the sin of creating a website that isn’t mobile friendly in Google’s eyes.

As you can see from the screenshot above, their website fails many of the basic tests that the Google bot expects a website to perform.

This will be harming their rankings in Google and could completely remove them from the first page for all mobile results.

Lack of Authority Backlinks

The website barely has any domain rating in Ahrefs, and checking the backlink profile shows they have very weak inbound links to their website. They should consider investing in link building to acquire both authority and niche relevant links, as this is the most important ranking factor for a website within Google search.

The website currently doesn’t have much organic traffic to speak of from Google, but even fixing these basic changes could get them to show up for long tail keywords around page 1, and with a long term strategy of services they could reach page 1 for their main competitive terms.

Matt Jackson

SEO Expert at SEO Scientists
I'm a digital marketing expert living in Sheffield, specialising in local and e-commerce SEO.

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