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Local SEO Audit of Target Properties a Leeds Student Home Site

Here we are looking at a student property website in Leeds called Target Properties ( which is currently ranking on page 4 of Google for terms around “Student house Leeds” and similar other phrases, which could seriously impact their business should they rank on page 1.

Old Fashioned Website with Blurry Images

Even for 2016, the layout and images of this website are fairly outdated. As soon as you hit the homepage you can see the main image is very blurry, which will be putting most visitors off and increasing the bounce rate.

When the bounce rate of websites increase in comparison to their competitors they usually drop in search rankings, so it’s vital to have a good looking site that can convert visitors into new customers.

The technology of the website is built on LiveGlow, which should probably be upgraded to something like WordPress in 2018. Incorrectly Implemented on the Website

When this website was created they have added the code Place markup onto the website, however for this type of business they really need to use a different language, such as Local Business, which could improve the local rankings for the website in Google Maps and in the Google Organic listings.

Other SEO Issues with the Website

There are various other problems with the website, including:

  • 4 missing H1 titles, which are one of the most important things to optimise for SEO.
  • Non-existent link authority, this website really needs some more quality inbound links to rank for a competitive keyword, as it’s the most important ranking signal.
  • Mobile layout, the layout of the website on mobile doesn’t really work well, and as local searches are often done on a mobile device they need to run a mobile first website strategy.

By implementing these SEO strategies the website for Target Properties will be able to rank much better for terms around Leeds student houses, and could make a real difference to their rental income.

This could be achieved by choosing the starter package and a monthly package from our SEO packages here.

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