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Local SEO Audit of PC Plumbing Services in Doncaster

In this audit we will analyse the performance of the PC Plumbing website ( which currently ranks around position 25 for keywords around “plumber Doncaster” to see how it could perform better in Google search.

Keyword Cannibalisation on Location

So the term keyword cannibalisation refers to when a website is targeting the same keywords with more than one page. This confuses Google as to which one they should rank, and as a result they are both given partial weight which leads to them both ranking poorly.

In this case they have a page for the location “Doncaster”, but their homepage is already optimised for that location, which could be lowering their rankings for their key term.

To fix this they should delete the Doncaster page and redirect the url to the homepage.

Duplicate meta descriptions on the pc plumbing website

Duplicate Meta Descriptions Sitewide

Google really doesn’t like duplicate content on your website, and having something as important as the meta description duplicated sitewide is a real problem.

The PC Plumbing website has the same description on ever page, which could cause a Panda penalty and heavily reduce their Google rankings.

To fix this they should aim to write a unique description on every page, to try and sell the click to the user for whatever the page is about. Markup for Plumbers

Again this website like many others doesn’t make use of the category for plumbers. It’s crazy that in 2018 website designers aren’t including this as standard, as it’s so important especially for local SEO.

They should try and add this to the website code and fill in as many of the areas as possible in order to gain the most ranking benefit.

These changes alone could seriously increase the rankings of their website, and combined with a local link building campaign could have them competing on page one for “plumber Doncaster” and similar terms.

Full Business Details:

PC Plumbing Services

Phone: 01302 725115

Address: Monton House, Windmill Balk Ln, Adwick le Street, Doncaster DN6 7AN

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